Christmas Opening Times

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Firstly we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and secondly a big thank you to all our customers old and new for your continued support throughout the year.
Our Christmas  opening times are as follows:
The last day despatch day will be Wednesday December the 21st and we will be closing at midday on the 22ndand re-open again on Wednesday the 4th of January.


Fencex Trade Show

We look forward to exhibiting our new ‘easicode pro’ models and meeting all existing and new  gate lock customers at the bi-annual Fencex trade show in Kenilworth today.


New deadlocking gate lock

At Borg our aim is to always push the quality of our products and find new ways to improve them. The latest innovation is with our key override gate lock which has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its great reliability, easy fitting process and the extra strong MG Pro finish that has gone through a rigorous 1000 hour salt spray testing.
Reacting to strong demand it now has yet another improvement while still having a handy sprung latch meaning it can be closed quickly and easily, the latch can also now be dead locked also allowing the keypad to be locked off for even greater access control.
This function will be included on all metal gate lock key override models as follows:

1. 3100 K.O – keypad with thumb turn outside / handle inside with key override for dead locking function

2. 3400 K.O – keypad with free turning handle outside / handle inside with key override for dead locking function

3. 3130 K.O – Keypad with thumb turn both sides with key override for dead locking function

4. 3430 K.O – Keypad with free turning handle both sides and key override with key override for dead locking function

To view the BL3100 series product leaflet please click here

To view the BL 3400 series product leaflet please click here

BL3100 KO

Christmas opening times and a big thank you

It has not just been a great year at Borg but an absolutely astounding one and as always we would like to say a big thank you to all our customers old and new because without all of you we wouldn’t be here.
It is thanks to your continued support we are able to push the quality and design of our locks ever further. We have some amazing developments being released next year from anti tamper latches to a lock which will meet the requirements of a new standard for digital locking.

Borg locks would also like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
We will be closing this December on the 23rd at midday our last dispatch day being the 22nd.
We will re-open 4th of January.

Happy Christmas from Borg Locks

Happy Christmas from Borg Locks

The Green Box Company & Our BL2901

A Customer of ours have chosen to use the sturdy and reliable BL2901 easicode on their latest product, The Green Box

The Green Box is a strong British made storage box manufactured from tough steel which allows a safe and secure drop off point for your parcels if you are out at the time of arrival.
The BL2901 is perfect for this project because of its ability to allow you to change the code quickly and easily. This is because there are no parts to remove, you just push and turn the tumblers with the special key provided, owing to the novel way The Green Box has been designed you don’t even need to remove the keypad from the door to do this. This is ideal if you want to change the code frequently because it can literally be completed in seconds.

The BL2901 will lock automatically and not open until the correct code has been entered and will keep The Green Box secure thanks to our patented “Load Plate” design which prevents intruders working out the code to the lock.

For more information and a dimensioned drawing of our secure BL2901 please click here

Please follow this link for the Green Box leaflet

Green Box Picture        BL2901

The New Borg BL6000 & BL6100 series

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Our BL6000 & 6100 series models are now available.

The new 6000 & 6100 series uses our new patented coding chamber which allows you to use the same digit in your code twice, this ability means you can have over 2000 different code combinations. With no plates tumblers or other parts to remove it also means code changing can be completed in a matter of seconds.

The housing dimensions are 211 x 45mm making it ideal for narrow stile doors, the lock can also be fitted with our own ali-latch which has a backset of just 28mm. The handle is also free turning, which prevents damage to the lock mechanism if being misused or abused and allows for over 70 degrees of rotation up and down making it suitable for most multi-point locks on the market.

One additional feature when comparing to the previous model is the addition of the F button, this is a function you may recognise from our very popular BL5000 series range. This feature allows you to set a free access function, which once engaged means you are able to keep opening your door without the need to enter a code.

We have classified the new BL6000 & BL6100 series as heavy duty because following its 2 year design and development it has been successfully cycle tested to over 100,000 cycles.

These new models are also extremely versatile, being compatible with not just multi-point locks but a wide range of 3rd party locking devices making them suitable for doors made from UPVC, aluminium, steel, composite and wood, ideal for both internal and external doors.

As well as all the features and benefits already mentioned the BL6100 comes supplied with an extension plate so it can be retro-fitted with 70, 72, 90 & 92mm centre multi-point locks. Having a BL6100 is a great access control addition to any multi-point lock and the perfect upgrade from the original lever handles, the extension plate will also cover any holes that can sometimes be left by other retro fit products.

For more information and features about this series please take a look at our product leaflet, or e-mail and we will send you a copy.

BL6000 SC Mk4 Keypad                                                     BL6100 SC Mk4 Keypad



Borg Locks at the Lockexpo show stand A 7

Borg Logo 2lockexpo


Borg Locks will be at the upcoming Lockexpo show on the 7th – 8th of March with a selection of our current products and some products that will be reaching you in the near future.

At the show you will have an opportunity to see and try the new redesigned BL6000 & BL6100 series which is already getting a lot of approving nods from customers. The redesigned coding chamber is also becoming a popular talking point with optional free access, simpler code changing, with no parts to remove and the ability to use the same number twice in a user code.

Our gate locks which are growing ever faster in popularity will also be on display, if you are not already aware of these models then it is well worth giving us a visit.
This display will also include the new BL3130DKO with a new deadlocking function which now offers greater security and access control.

We will also have a whole host of other Borg Locks with us from our small and easy to fit electronic cabinet lock to locks in our new marine grade MGPro finish which will soon be rolled out across the whole marine grade range, the benefit of this finish is that it’s now even stronger having been salt spray tested to over 1000 hours.

It would be great to see as many of you as possible so come and visit us at stand A 7 and try out there products as well as many more in our range.

BL6000 SC Mk4 Keypad BL6100 SC Mk4 Keypad

Borg Christmas message and Closing dates

It has been a great year at Borg and so we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our old and new customers for their help and support. We have a lot of exciting things happening next year including, a new catalogue, trade shows, both here and overseas, plus some great new products to be unveiled.
Our last day will be on December the 23rd and reopening on the 5th of January.
Our last dispatch day will be on the 22nd.
Thank you again for all your support and we wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2015.

Happy Christmas from Borg Locks

Happy Christmas from Borg Locks

Borg Locks Exhibiting at Fencex 2014

FencexWe are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Fencex again this year. If you haven’t been before Fencex is a very unique one day event held every 2 years as Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry and it takes place on the 15th of October.

It is devoted specifically to perimeter security and the fencing industry and so combines manufacturers and distributors from the UK, Europe and beyond, all keen to showcase their wide range of products.

Borg Locks has been exhibiting at Fencex since 2006, having found it an ideal venue for meeting both new and existing customers and to show them our growing range of metal gate locks.

Following the launch of our metal gate lock range in 2005, We have exhibited as Fencex ever since making this our 5th successive show. In that time our product range of push button metal gate locks has grown from just two models to currently eight and this year we will have two more new models being shown for the first time.

There will be a new range of push button locks for timber applications e.g timber gates, sheds, garages, out houses and cycle stores.

If you would like to receive a free ticket please email and we will be happy to send you one.


Celebrating 60 years

It was a privilege to support a customer’s trade event last week, the customer, C&W Berry who I believe are the largest independent builders merchant in the country put on a 3 day extravaganza (trade show) celebrating their 60th anniversary.

This was an event on the grandest of scales, with a full stocked and professionally run outdoor kitchen offering wide choices of hot freshly cooked breakfast delights from 7.00am and then again at lunch from 12, ensuring that everyone was fed generously at least once and for those exhibiting at least twice! This helped to make the atmosphere very warm and friendly as inside the exhibitor marquee was a continual buzz of activity throughout the whole day.

And unlike some trade events the sole focus was not on doing deals or reaching pre-set sales targets this was about meeting, talking and spending time with customers, talking about your various products and for that reason alone C&W Berry deserve a round of applause.

And when i say this I am sure I am speaking for all the other exhibitors but am looking forward to breakfast and lunch at C&W berry’s next trade event already!

C&W TRADE SHOW Borg Logo 2