5 Benefits Of Our NEW On-Door Reprogrammable Locks

By | January 29, 2018

While the humble pin tumbler lock design has been widely used since the industrial revolution, keyless entry locks are the modern and convenient alternative for maintaining security within public, private and domestic buildings. If you’re seeking a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional key entry locks, or looking to upgrade to an efficient, reliable design, the new Easicode Pro range could be the ideal solution.

Here are our top five reasons you should consider our new range of on-door reprogrammable locks.

1) Security

Keys create a security risk as they can easily be copied, lost, or stolen. This makes it extremely difficult for facilities managers to maintain control over keys, especially if they are regularly taken off premises by staff. While networked electronic card swipe systems remove the responsibility of keys, the cards are equally as easy to steal or misplace.

Mechanical pushbutton locks remove these risks, as access is only granted on input of the correct combination code into the keypad. For additional security, the codes can be reprogrammed as often as required, to maintain optimum security for different areas within a building.

2) Efficiency

Most mechanical locks must be removed from the door to be reprogrammed. The code is changed by manually removing and carefully repositioning the coded tumbler components inside the lock. In contrast to this standard mechanical lock design used across the industry, the Easicode Pro range from Borg locks can be reprogrammed in seconds, using the keypad.

The innovative design of our new on-door reprogrammable locks allows codes to be cleared and reset by inserting our unique tool into the code change key on the pad. This significantly reduces the time taken to perform code changes and removes the risk for components to become lost or broken. The Easicode Pro range provides the same level of efficiency as the latest generation of electronic digital locks, without the necessity for a power supply.

3) Reliability

Unlike electronic digital locks, which require hardwiring or batteries, a mechanical pushbutton lock is easy to install and remains fully functional in the event of a power failure. Smart locks, which are activated using an internet device, rely on a Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi connection, and are also powered by batteries. As a loss of connectivity, or loss of the device, prevents the lock from working, many smart locks also incorporate a keypad as a backup, adding to the complexity and expense of the lock.

4) Versatility

The new Easicode Pro range is available in a choice of five reversible designs, to provide compatibility with a wide variety of internal and external door thicknesses and materials, including; timber, steel, aluminium and composite materials.

To complement both modern and traditional design schemes, the locks are available in a choice of stylish finishes, and come in a standard size unit suitable for replacing all 2000 and 5000 type locks. Each lock offers thousands of potential code combinations, to provide security, no matter how frequently the codes require reprogramming.

5) Value For Money

The cost of replacing keys can soon add up, especially in businesses with a high staff turnover. When keys are stolen, changing the locks adds additional expense. This can be avoided entirely by installing on-door reprogrammable mechanical locks; which offer long term value and are easy to maintain.

All Borg locks are British designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and rigorously cycle tested to ensure high performance and reliability, accompanied by a 12-month warranty.

Choosing The Right Lock

When selecting the best access solution for your business it’s important to evaluate your specific security requirements. At Borg Locks, our experienced team can help you make an informed choice about the right type of keyless locks across your facility. Call us on 0800 44 88 377 to find out more.

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