Borg Locks around the globe

By | March 11, 2014

The Borg Locks brand continues to grow, not just here in the UK but in other countries and on other continents around the globe. A good example of this is in the southern hemisphere ( Australia & New Zealand ) where Locksmith Supply Company whose business has grown and grown have been our distributor since 2006. LSC are a very strong company with an excellent reputation and which combined with Borg’s growing product range and focus on quality has resulted in the Borg brand being at the very front of mechanical access control in these markets.
LSC regularly feature Borg products in their monthly magazine and this A4 advertisement in their latest edition focusing on 2 new Borg products the; BL2301 & BL2401 is a further illustration of their continued commitment to the Borg brand.
To see the LSC advertisement please follow this link LSC 2301 & 2401 add


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