Borglocks’ New Product Range: The evo!

By | February 28, 2013

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new product in the UK, the Evo range! Evo is a range of wire free, cordless, electronic access controls which use Mifare RFID and access card technology to provide a comprehensive range of flexible entry control solutions.

And whilst the Evo name might be a new name in the UK, it is growing fast across Europe with distributors in France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Belgium.

This new range is designed for customer looking for simplicity because it can be set up in seconds, making it ideal for retro fitting, especially if converting from mechanical euro profile cylinders or just replacing handle sets.

There are several products within the evo range:

The evo standalone is the easiest to use and set up.

The evo standalone advanced is also easy to setup but provides more management control, because it uses the handset reader instead of a management card allowing you to delete users or lost cards individually from the handset, and you can track their movements. Its capacity is 64 doors.

The flexibility of the evo system also means that either of the 2 standalone systems can be upgraded to the evo Pro 1 PC based system, described below.

The evo Pro-1 is for larger applications up to 128 doors. It is PC based and offers full auditing capabilities for enhanced staff monitoring and user accountability.

The evo Pro-3 is for even larger projects up to a maximum capacity of 64k doors. This again is PC based which behaves like a network system, using read / write cards and a wall reader you distribute all the latest access information to the locks.

We are sure our evo range will provide you with a solution for most applications where electronic access control is preferred and look forward to receiving your enquiries.

We will be officially announcing the UK launch of the evo range at the Locksmith’s Exhibition in Nottingham on 2nd and 3rd March 2013.

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