Duffell’s open day 2017

By | June 8, 2017

On Saturday the 17th of June, we are pleased to announce that we will be appearing at M.E. Duffell’s open day at their premises in Croydon. As well as our 6000 series and range of metal gate locks that ME Duffell customers will be familiar with, we will be showcasing our brand new Easy Code Pro range of push button locks.

The new range, unique and patented to us, features our “on the door” code change design. Now, you can change the code safely and securely in less than a minute, with the lock still fitted.

Right now in our industry, the majority of push button locks in the market require the keypad to be physically removed, the tumblers taken out of the lock itself and rearranged. Not only is this a slow procedure, but the hassle can dissuade people from changing it often and, due to the mechanisms, can lead to the lock being damaged and failing in the near future, creating more work and grief for everyone involved.
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The ECP range is designed to make this a thing of the past and will help encourage all to change the code often to increase security.
In addition, we will be featuring a brand new addition to the 5000 series. The 5701 or 5708 include key bypass by utilizing a removable 6 pin Yale cylinder, allowing it to be repinned as needed.

We look forward to meeting with as many people as we can to demonstrate all these models and if you have any orders to place, we suggest you take advantage of the extra discounts Duffell’s will be offering on all orders taken.


For more information involving the open day, feel free to click the link below for more details


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