How To Change The Code On A Lock

By | February 19, 2018

Keyless entry locks enable tight control over who gains access to your business. The ability to reprogram the access codes allows you to set security levels for specific areas and to restrict the times when staff can gain access. As updating the codes regularly is essential to achieving high security, choosing a lock that can be reprogrammed on the door will save time and make it easier to perform code changes.

Changing The Code On A Mechanical Pushbutton Lock

Most mechanical combination locks are designed with colour coded tumblers inside a keypad, which can be rearranged to change the code combination. The position of the red coded tumbler buttons within the keypad determine which numbers hold the code. All other keys house un-coded tumbler buttons.

The lock must be unscrewed from the door, prior to carefully removing a spring-loaded cover plate without damaging the delicate components. The old code is cleared, and a new combination created prior to carefully replacing the spring control bar and reinstalling the lock on the door.

A Laborious & Fiddly Job

While high quality mechanical reprogrammable pushbutton locks are considerably cheaper to source and install than an electronic system, the inconvenience of removing the locks may result in code changes taking place less frequently than recommended. As the lock must be removed from the door, it only becomes practical to change codes when the building is out of use. In addition, the lock can easily be damaged if the code change is not performed correctly, rendering the lock out of action.

Easy Code Changes With Easicode Pro

Easicode Pro is the latest innovation within mechanical pushbutton reprogrammable locks; specifically designed to simplify code changes and eliminate the potential repair costs associated with code changes.

Using a unique patented code change key, new access codes can be set using the keypad in a matter of seconds, with no need to remove the lock. With no screws, internal components or parts to reposition, code changes can be performed safely and instantaneously; with over 4000 non-sequential combinations available. This renders the lock impenetrable without inside knowledge of the latest codes.

How To Change The Code On An Easicode Lock

Reprogramming an Easicode lock could not be more straightforward, by following these simple instructions:

  • Enter the existing code.
  • Press and hold * button using the specialist tool provided.
  • Press `C` button to clear the existing code.
  • Enter the new code.
  • Release the * button
  • Press `C` to set the new code – The new code is now set and ready for use.
  • Check that the code is working before closing the door.

The lock also makes allowances for human error. If you accidentally enter an incorrect code, you can clear the mistake and add the correct combination.

Where Can I Buy Easicode Locks?

The Easicode Series and Easicode Pro Series are only available from Borg Locks, a British manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience designing and supplying secure access solutions.

Protecting Your Business

When you consider the costs and implications of a security breach, it pays to assess the security risks across your facility and take the appropriate steps to control access appropriately. For everything from main gates to electronic lockers, Borg locks have a secure solution. For free advice on the most cost-effective and efficient way to control access across your business, call 0800 44 88 377, or click here to request a callback.

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