The Green Box Company & Our BL2901

By | May 21, 2015

A Customer of ours have chosen to use the sturdy and reliable BL2901 easicode on their latest product, The Green Box

The Green Box is a strong British made storage box manufactured from tough steel which allows a safe and secure drop off point for your parcels if you are out at the time of arrival.
The BL2901 is perfect for this project because of its ability to allow you to change the code quickly and easily. This is because there are no parts to remove, you just push and turn the tumblers with the special key provided, owing to the novel way The Green Box has been designed you don’t even need to remove the keypad from the door to do this. This is ideal if you want to change the code frequently because it can literally be completed in seconds.

The BL2901 will lock automatically and not open until the correct code has been entered and will keep The Green Box secure thanks to our patented “Load Plate” design which prevents intruders working out the code to the lock.

For more information and a dimensioned drawing of our secure BL2901 please click here

Please follow this link for the Green Box leaflet

Green Box Picture        BL2901

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